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Brookhaven Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody disputes are emotionally charged and legally intricate. During such sensitive times, you need more than legal counsel; you need a zealous advocate who’ll steadfastly protect your rights and prioritize your children’s welfare. At the Law Office of Joseph Adam Kittenplan our Brookhaven child custody lawyer brings together comprehensive expertise, vast experience, and a dedicated approach to assist clients through intricate child custody scenarios.

Understanding the Custody Process in New York

The child custody determination process in New York, inclusive of Brookhaven, comprises several stages:

  1. Filing a Petition: The custody petition is filed in the appropriate New York Family Court, marking the beginning of the process.
  2. Mediation or Settlement Discussions: After the filing, parents may engage in mediation or settlement discussions, seeking a mutual agreement on custody and visitation.
  3. Court Hearings/Trial: If an agreement remains elusive, the case proceeds to court. Here, each parent presents their case, and the judge decides based on the child’s best interests.
  4. Post-Judgment Modifications: Circumstances might change over time, necessitating alterations to the initial custody order. This requires a significant change in circumstances to be demonstrated in court.

Factors Considered in Child Custody Determination

When a child custody dispute escalates to court, the judge deliberates on several factors to determine the optimal arrangement for the child. Our seasoned family law attorney will develop and present a compelling case advocating for your preferred custody arrangement, considering these court-weighed factors:

  • Primary Caregiver: Who has been the main caregiver or nurturer of the children to date?
  • Parenting Skills: What are the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of each parent, including their capability to cater to any special needs of the child?
  • Health of Parents: What is the state of each parent’s physical and mental health?
  • Work Schedules: What are the parents’ work schedules, and how do they manage child care?
  • Child’s Relationships: How are the child’s relationships with siblings and other family members?
  • History of Domestic Violence: Is there any history of domestic violence by one parent against the other parent or the child? Even a parent with a history of violence could still obtain custody or visitation if the court finds it to be in the child’s best interests and that the parent presents no danger to the child. Domestic violence can encompass physical, sexual, emotional, mental, or financial abuse.
  • Parental Collaboration: How strong is each parent’s ability to work with the other parent on parenting matters and foster a relationship between the child and the other parent?
  • Child’s Preference: What is the child’s preference regarding custody, provided the child is mature enough to provide reasonable input to the court?

Get in Touch with Our Brookhaven Child Custody Lawyer Today

The outcome of a child custody dispute significantly influences your relationship with your children and the course of your family’s future. Having a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer on your side is crucial to successfully navigate this challenging journey. Our experienced Brookhaven child custody lawyer is dedicated to upholding your rights and providing guidance at each step of the process.

Don’t entrust your children’s welfare and your future to uncertainty. Contact our accomplished Brookhaven child custody lawyer for a confidential, complimentary consultation today. At the Law Office of Joseph Adam Kittenplan, we offer the expertise, dedication, and experience needed to navigate these complex circumstances.

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