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Dix Hills Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a process that is both personal and legal, often characterized by intricate proceedings and heightened emotions. Situated in Long Island, New York, our services adhere strictly to state laws to guarantee lawful and fair resolutions. As of my training data cut-off in 2021, New York’s divorce rate is estimated at approximately 12.8%, with slight variations depending on specific demographics and regions.

Commencing the divorce procedure typically starts with the decision to divorce, which may either be a joint resolution or an individual choice. Consulting our Dix Hills divorce lawyer at the law office of Joshua Adam Kittenplan is highly recommended for those considering a divorce, as we can offer insights into the procedure, possible results, and the rights and obligations of each party.

Understanding the Divorce Process

Once the decision to divorce has been confirmed, the legal process is initiated by filing a Summons with Notice or a Summons and Complaint with the county clerk’s office. The spouse who files these documents is referred to as the plaintiff, with the other spouse being the defendant. The defendant is required to be formally served with the divorce papers and has 20 days (if they are a resident of New York state) or 30 days (if they reside out of state) to respond.

In an uncontested divorce scenario, where both parties agree on terms such as property division and child custody, the court can conclude the divorce based on these agreed terms without the need for a trial. However, in contested divorces where agreements cannot be reached, the process can become significantly more intricate and protracted. This scenario triggers a discovery phase where parties exchange information regarding finances, assets, and other relevant issues.

Should a settlement remain elusive during discovery, the case will proceed to trial. During the trial, each party will present their arguments, and a judge will make the final decision on matters such as property division, child custody, alimony, and more. The trial’s outcome is legally binding. While it can be appealed, overturning a court decision is typically a long and challenging process.

Call the Law Office of Joshua Kittenplan today

Navigating through a divorce process in Long Island, NY can indeed be intimidating and fraught with emotional turmoil. However, having an understanding of the process can help mitigate some of the stress and uncertainty involved. Expert legal counsel, such as a Dix Hills divorce lawyer, can provide invaluable assistance, ensuring a just outcome for everyone involved, so call the law office of Joshua Adam Kittenplan today.

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