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Monthly Archives: August 2022


How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Commack?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

It is no surprise that divorce is expensive. Many people put off the idea of divorce simply because they know there are significant costs attached to the process. Fortunately, if you are thinking about ending your marriage, there are ways to keep the costs of the case lower and more affordable. Below, our Commack… Read More »

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How Long Does A Divorce Take In Commack?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Ending your marriage is bad enough. The last thing you want is for your divorce case to drag on forever. No one can determine how long any one divorce case will take, but there are some guidelines you can follow to determine how long your case will take. Several factors will determine how long… Read More »

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Factors Considered In Child Custody Cases

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Child custody issues always increase the potential for conflict in any divorce case that involves children. Each parent typically wants to spend as much time as possible with their child, and no one wants to face the possibility of seeing their children less. The Courts in New York will only consider the best interests… Read More »

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Who Can Obtain An Order Of Protection In Commack?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Unfortunately, there are times when one person needs legal protection from another. In these instances, the person seeking that protection can obtain an order from the court system. To obtain an order of protection, you must first understand the family or criminal offenses that violate Section 812 of the Family Court Act. When trying… Read More »

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