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Monthly Archives: June 2023


What Is Nesting And Does It Work?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Nesting is a child custody arrangement in which the children stay in the family home while the divorced parents rotate between the home and another residence. The arrangement can provide a more stable environment for the children, as they are not shuttled between the homes of their parents. Nesting is not appropriate for all… Read More »

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Myths About Domestic Violence

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Fortunately, there has been increased awareness surrounding domestic violence in recent years. However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding it. Below, our Suffolk County order of protection lawyer dispels some of the most common myths. Domestic Violence Must Involve Physical Abuse¬† Domestic violence can involve physical abuse but that is not always the case…. Read More »

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Annulment Vs. Divorce: What Is The Difference?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Both an annulment and divorce can end a marriage, but there are important differences between the two. Understanding these differences can help you determine which option is the right one for you. Divorces are more commonly granted than annulments, but there are times when the latter is more appropriate. Below, our Long Island divorce… Read More »

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Dating During Divorce: What You Need To Know

By Joshua Kittenplan |

After ending a marriage, some people take time to grieve the loss of the relationship while others are eager to move on with their life. This may sometimes include dating new people. If you are legally separated or your divorce case is still pending, it is generally advised to not date until your marriage… Read More »

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How To Document Violations Of Court Orders

By Joshua Kittenplan |

After a divorce, there are many court orders both parties must comply with. These orders are final and legally binding.¬† Violating them comes with serious consequences. If your former partner has not paid child support or they have denied you parenting time, you can take the matter to court and ask a Judge to… Read More »

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What Causes Delays In Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Divorce cases are rarely settled quickly. At best, it can take several months to settle a case while other cases can take years before they are finalized. Delays are sometimes necessary and unavoidable while other times, one party may simply be trying to make it harder for the other. Below, our Suffolk County divorce… Read More »

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