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Category Archives: Property Division


What Is Equitable Distribution During Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Many people only hear the term ‘equitable distribution’ when they are getting a divorce, and they often wonder what it means. All states in the country are governed by either community property or equitable distribution laws, and they dictate how property is divided during a divorce. Most states, including New York, follow the equitable… Read More »

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Who Gets The Dog During Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Going into a divorce you may understand that you will have to resolve numerous issues, such as child custody and spousal support. However, an issue that is often overlooked is who will receive custody of the pets. People are passionate about their pets, and for good reason. They are viewed as not only pets,… Read More »

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Are Gifts Divided During Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

If you are going through a divorce, though, you may worry that your spouse will receive a portion of anything you receive. Fortunately, that is unlikely to happen, as the law is very clear about what happens to gifts during divorce. Below, our Long Island property division lawyer explains further. Equitable Distribution Law Governs… Read More »

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How Is Debt Divided During Divorce In Suffolk County?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

People carry enough debt on their own. They do not usually want to pay for someone else’s. If you are getting a divorce, you likely do not want to be responsible for your spouse’s debts once your case is finalized. Unfortunately, that is a possibility. Many people know that their assets are divided during… Read More »

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Will You Lose Your Inheritance During Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

There is never a good time to get a divorce, but some times are worse than others. If you are anticipating receiving a large inheritance, or you already have, you may wonder if you will lose at least a portion of it to your spouse during divorce. The law in New York states that… Read More »

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