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Monthly Archives: February 2023


Who Gets The Dog During Divorce?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Going into a divorce you may understand that you will have to resolve numerous issues, such as child custody and spousal support. However, an issue that is often overlooked is who will receive custody of the pets. People are passionate about their pets, and for good reason. They are viewed as not only pets,… Read More »

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The Truth Behind Common Divorce Myths

By Joshua Kittenplan |

You likely know at least one person who has gotten a divorce in the past. If you are considering ending your own marriage, or you have already started the process, these same individuals may offer well-intentioned advice. While leaning on friends, family members, and co-workers for emotional support is important, it is important that… Read More »

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The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Contrary to what many people believe, prenuptial agreements are not reserved for millionaires and celebrities. In fact, prenuptial agreements are appropriate for most people who are about to get married. Business owners, individuals with a high net worth, and people who have children from a previous marriage can all benefit from a prenuptial agreement…. Read More »

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How Long Does Maintenance Last?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

In New York, spouses are expected to support each other financially. When a couple separates but is still married and one party makes payments to the other, it is known as spousal support. During and after a divorce, though, one party may be ordered to pay maintenance, more commonly known as alimony. Payers often… Read More »

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Why Is Divorce So Common In January?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

January has been dubbed “divorce month” for many years now. Many psychologists, relationship coaches, and legal experts believe that couples decide to end their marriage at the beginning of the year for many reasons. Truthfully, August is typically the month of the year when the divorce rate is higher than other times of the… Read More »

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Do Children Testify In Custody Disputes?

By Joshua Kittenplan |

Any custody dispute can become a contentious battle between the two parents. Badmouthing the other parent and making accusations, whether they are true or not, are just some types of behavior people engage in to limit their spouse’s access to the child. This type of conflict only adds to the emotional upheaval and stress… Read More »

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