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Should You Adjust Your Parenting Time Schedule During The School Year?


Kids have been back in school for many weeks now and hopefully the 2002-2023 school year will be a good one. Unfortunately, a new school year can also bring about certain challenges, including those related to child custody. Our Suffolk County child custody lawyer can help parents anticipate potential adjustments and make hard decisions. Below are a few considerations if you are thinking about making a change.

Stability is Key

Regardless of whether you are amicable with your spouse or not, any parenting time schedule should remain consistent throughout the school year. This allows all parties involved to have clear expectations for the week or the month and creates stability, particularly for the child.

Do Not Interfere with the Child’s Schedule

Children should spend a large portion of time with both parents, but no parenting schedule should ever interfere with the child’s own schedule. Children need to spend time with friends, participate in extracurricular activities, and do homework. These are all important for their personal growth and development. Remain flexible while creating the parenting plan, and when working with your former spouse once it is created.

Consider Your Child’s Adaptability

Children sometimes find it difficult to adapt to changes in their schedule, particularly when it means being shuffled between two homes. Take this into consideration when creating your schedule and watch for changes in your child. If you find that their behavior, mood, or academic performance is suffering, speak to your former spouse about ways you can make it easier for them.

The Location of the Parents’ Homes

One of the major factors to consider when creating a parenting schedule is the distance between the two parents’ homes. It is easier to adjust a parenting schedule when the two parents live close together. The options for making adjustments will be more limited though, when the two parents live farther apart. Not only should you take the location of the parental homes into consideration, but also the amount of travel time it will take to get from one home to another, as that is considered as part of one party’s parenting time.

Speak to a Child Custody Lawyer in Suffolk County Today

Modifying parenting schedules is never an easy task. At the Law Office of Joshua Adam Kittenplan, P.C., our Suffolk County child custody lawyer can advise you of possible modifications and give you the best chance of success with your case. Call us today at 631-499-0606 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.



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